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Please Help Us Win Our $5,000 Wish from Intuit!

As many of you may know, I have relocated in Redlands at 721 Nevada Street, suite 206 C.  It is a pleasure to have such a wonderful location and about 3000 sq. ft. of showroom space. I am blessed and count those blessings every day I go to and from this wonderful location.
We are applying for an INTUIT GRANT for $5,000.  After telling our story in 600 words or less and capturing a very creative  human photo for our request…….we found that the request was for 600 CHARACTERS ( that is, letters and spaces combined).
How can you plea for this grant and votes in 600 characters? That is impossible! We really want to win this grant and we need your help and  the help of your friends. Please bookmark this link ( and go to it often, daily if possible, and vote for us.  This will take you direct to our 600 characters plea so you can vote.
But I KNEW all of you would want to read the full 450 words that best describes the journey we have taken, so I’ve included it a blog post. Thank you for your support and love over the years. Some think I am crazy to create my design showroom.  It is my passion.  I am very talented in this industry and I am among the few survivors in a dying breed of independent interior designers.  My product representatives all commend me and share that I have a full corner on the market as there is no one else that has the combination of design, product purchasing accounts, installation contracting and personal service to their project.
It is so amazing to work as a family through today’s technology, with Chrissi in Oregon, Jason in Oakland and Larry in Highland and myself in the Inland Empire; we make a great team.  I am so grateful for all the gifts that I have been given and your friendship is one of those gifts and blessings.
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In 1979 an idea was launched, a dream was born, and a passion unfolded.  A 6000 sq. ft. facility was leased that housed a full service design and remodeling center. Here, clients could get a professional design from concept to completion, along with access to a wide availability of products contract helps
contract helps of professionals for installation.  This concept was way ahead of the “curve”, and also considered a very fragmented idea for its time; however, it wasn’t long before LowesHome Depot, and Home Expo were doing precisely the same thing.
The facility served the Inland Empire area of Southern California, until 2010 when the economy buckled overnight. Until then, our company served the valley and surrounding communities with design teams and creative ideas that were unique, timeless, and affordable. It was (and still is) a family business, started by sisters and founding principles Ruth Chafin and Chrissi Brewer. Here, their children were trained with a work ethic that has served them well into adulthood. As the company grew, they hired and developed design interns, and gave them the experience that allowed their careers to launch.  In addition, they provided work for numerous artisans, craftsmen, and skilled labor.  As the economy declined, they down sized, worked out of storage containers, and continued to service their clientele.
In 2012, the company relocated to Redlands, CA, and reestablished their showroom with a retail location. At about 3000 sq. ft., and filled with the quality samples and products as before, our design and remodeling journey continues. The company is still a family run business. Computer technology allows our family members to manage our accounting from Oregon, and from California we develop our website and graphic marketing in Oakland, run the on-line store operationfrom Highland, and the design and remodeling center from Redlands.
26f38422d61f641e_1575_largeThe computer equipment and Intuit Enterprise QuickBooks program was purchased in 2008, and the software were updated in 2009.  Sadly, this software is no longer supported, and our computers are either relics or museum pieces.
As life is coming back into our business, our “wish” is to use the money to upgrade our infrastructure, so we can continue to expand, provide employment, and provide the high quality of design and remodeling services our customers’ expect from us.

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