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Our Interior Design Process

Initial Consultation

We begin our interior design services with an initial consultation where we visit your residence and discuss your project with you. The initial consultation allows us to determine the full extent of your needs.
During the initial consultation, we:

  • Interview our client to understand their wants, needs, and overall project objectives;
  • Take inventory and measurement of existing items and space;
  • Obtain any architectural plans;
  • Determine space and equipment requirements;
  • Determine lighting and/or audio – visual needs, and;
  • Begin stablishing project strategy

Preliminary Design

Following our initial consultation, we will prepare your preliminary design schematics. The preliminary design involves the development of draft schematics that showcase various design concepts.  Depending on the nature of the design project, the preliminary design schematics involve the following considerations:

  • The selection of your finishes;
  • The selection of your furniture;
  • The layout of your furniture;
  • The design of your cabinetry;
  • Selection of your window treatments;
  • Selection of your art and accessories;
  • Selection of your materials (carpet, hardwood floor, ceramic tile, fabric);
  • Selection of your colors
  • Selection of your lighting

Final Design

Once preliminary design schematics are developed, discussed, and approved, we will prepare a final version of the design plan and present it to you  for approval. The finalized design plan will include the following:

  • Final schematics;
  • List of materials;
  • Schedule of deliverables;
  • Phasing and sequencing schedule

Project Management

Project management involves the implementation of the plan developed in the preceding steps. Management of your interior design project involves the overall scheduling, tracking, and coordination of all interior design and construction activities that will be completed during your interior design project.  Examples of project management tasks include the following::

  • Detailed review of any shop/work drawings prepared by other trades;
  • Scheduling the delivery and installation of all items;
  • Handling change orders and revisions.
  • Ensuring all deliverables and scheduling milestones are met.
  • The completion of  a preliminary walk-through inspection;
  • The coordination and oversight of final project approvals and move-in.

Product and Material Acquisition

Product and material acquisition involves purchase of the necessary articles are purchased and staged for the completion of the design project.
During the product and material acquisition phase, we do the following:

  • Prepare your purchase orders;
  • Prepare your purchase and bidding specifications;
  • Prepare your construction bidding specifications;
  • Evaluate and negotiate your bidding documents;
  • Review and approve the bid submittals from other trades;
  • Schedule installation of trades based on phasing and sequencing schedule;

Product Installation

Ruth Chafin has spent over 30 years cultivating relationships with the best trades and craftsmen and women in Southern California. Ruth’s excellent interior design is implemented through her team of skilled of craftsmen and artisans. Ruth Chafin Interior Design can provide:

  • Kitchens and Bath remodeling specialists;
  • Ceramic tile installation;
  • Hardwood floor installation;
  • Carpet installation;
  • Custom countertop installation;
  • Custom cabinet design and installation;
  • Custom drapes and window covering installation;
  • Home theater system design and installation;
  • Custom lighting design and installation;

Remodeling, Repurposing, Redesigning, and Staging

When staging your home to sell, or for your next remodel, why not consider a team with talent, creativity, skill and experience in design and remodeling?

Ruth Chafin Interior Design can handle both small and large projects….residential and commercial.

Ruth has over 30 years of experience in the Inland Empire satisfying clients with timeless designs.

Ruth is a licensed contractor (#799580), allowing us to totally control the project from design to completion.

Through our many years of doing business, we have developed skilled and adaptive teams of Trades and Artisans.

Simply put, we are an established and known commodity in the industry. You won’t get surprises; you will get results.

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