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Let’s Do Some Rearranging

photo of a bed

I got an email from a client in Oregon regarding her difficulty in arranging the furniture in her guest room. She sent me photos asking for help.

I suggested she put the bed on a 45 degree.

Everybody always thinks they will lose space and it won’t work.  And what do you do in the corner?

Funny, it actually allows more room on both sides of the bed… just a bit of time to adjust change, THEN… there is this OH MY GOSH realization.
The next steps are the up-lights, timer, and an LED bulb, VOILA, new room design, and more usable space.

She followed my suggestions and then sent this photo with more questions and a happy report.

The client then asked about lighting for the nightstand. I suggested a powered electronics table, that I sell.

An electronic table plugs into the wall and has 2 USB ports and 2 electrical outlets installed.

They are small and come in many different #furniture finishes and metal finishes. They are not a focal point piece of furniture but with the finished room design they become nondescript.

Photo of a bed with pillows


Rearranging gives a room and your home a breath of sunshine for all and better efficiency for the functioning room design.
Thank you for your design questions and know I am here to help in any way I can.