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Breathe Interior Lighting Into Your Home

Transform your home with the most advanced residential interior lighting solution!

New interior lighting solutions

Recently our staff attended advanced continued education training of world-class lighting technology for today’s modern home interiors. We are very excited about how homeowners can now access these wonderful new interior lighting solutions.
Why are we excited about lighting? Currently, you flip a switch when you enter a room, ‘Voila’ lights snap on, the room is lighted. End of story?
Not really. It could be much better! 

Lighting is a vital part of the interior environment

Actually, you may already know that lighting is a vital part of the interior environment. 
Did you know that a professional lighting specialist can illuminate a room, home, or wellness area that mimics the sun’s natural outdoor lighting and circadian rhythm?

Professionally designed interior lighting

Professionally designed interior lighting can intensify the beauty of your home by showcasing your exquisite artwork, objects and fine furnishings with the light they deserve. Imagine lighting that produces high-quality illumination so people, art, and fabrics will look their very best.
And professionally designed interior lighting is easy to live with and adjust. Scenes can be easily created to match the activities of your family: entertainment, romantic, homework, projects, reading, quiet, whatever your mood.

Ketra elegantly supports the interior lighting specialist’s vision

The world-class system that enables professional lighting specialists is Ketra, a Lutron company. Ketra elegantly supports the lighting specialist’s vision. For more information about Ketra products, click here.
Ketra’s ground-breaking, patented lighting innovations give the traditional warmth of incandescent lighting to any home. However, Ketra uses energy-efficient LED lamps that eliminate the common harshness of ordinary LED lighting. 


Ketra’s amazing Natural Light, a new category of indoor light that shifts throughout the day to mimic the sun –automatically– is synchronized to your home’s location and to the seasons. This Ketra exclusive feature requires no effort or attention on the homeowner’s part!
Let us share more of our excitement about Ketra lighting solutions with you! Please call us!

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