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2020 – Embrace Change With a Plan and Interior Design Tips

2020 – Time For Interior Design Changes!

We have moved into 2020, let’s embrace change! Embrace change with a plan! Look at your home with fresh eyes. Develop a plan to implement change. Create a new environment for your HOME. Some guidelines to get you started.

Embrace change with a plan for outdoor living
Explore change to enhance outdoor living

Step 1 Clean it up. Get rid of the clutter. Fix or toss all broken items. Ask for help. Additional hands will not only make the tasks move faster and be a lot more fun. Move furniture around. Rehang existing art creating freshness for the New Year. Sit and enjoy yourself as you begin to create ideas for your new environments.

Clutter holds back change
Embrace change with a plan that tackles clutter

Step 2 Research different atmospheres and genres. Remember each room functions independently so try to parallel the atmosphere you want to create with the functionality of the room. Color is the easiest way to create the desired atmosphere change. Keep your ideas simple in the beginning so you do not get overwhelmed. Be creative, think out of the box, explore new, be flexible and enjoy the brainstorming process. You are creating changes needed for your home.

Embrace change with a plan
Outdoor living is so inspirational

Step 3 Develop a very precise plan for accomplishing the design changes that are needed this year. You cannot accomplish everything but you can hold onto the vision. Make a plan and think through all the proper sequencing to accomplish your changes. There are specific steps that need to be followed if you want a seamless project with few surprises.

Embrace change with a plan
Plans keep goals always in sight

Step 4 Explore the wide variety of materials that are only available through professional sources. Do not settle for generic or consumer products. You are making changes for new tomorrows so find the products and design that make your dreams come true. Create an environment that nurtures your soul and provides your family the home for their hearts to rest.

Embrace change with a plan
Embrace change with a plan then imagine the satisfaction when your project is complete.

Step 5 Enjoy, have fun and call a professional to help as needed. We are trained to make seamless changes in people’s homes that will save you frustration, money and a lot of headaches.

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