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Remove Kitchen Clutter

Resolutions-Remove Kitchen Clutter 

Holidays are over, gifts are put away, visiting family is gone, and your kitchen looks like a tornado hit it. So remove kitchen clutter and take back control of your kitchen with proven decluttering steps from Ruth Chafin Interior Design.
Do you look around your kitchen and think “Where will I even start?” Good news! I have tackled this exact task many times, so I can help with an easy plan of attack.

Countertop Clutter

Get your kitchen counters cleaned off so you have space to work. And, the enabling power of clear, clean countertops will be a great location for the next steps.

Spice Shelves Clutter

Remove Kitchen Clutter
Decluttered spices

I love to cook and I do seem to accumulate lots of spices, oils, and other cooking necessities. You may, too. I do not like to keep my spices on an exposed shelf as the sun will fade them and dry them out. I also do not like all the variety of sizes, shapes, and labels exposed. Do you feel the same?  So, on that clean, empty countertop, unload all your spices, oils, etc. Clean all the containers and alphabetize the spices. When you alphabetize you will inevitably find multiples. Consolidate these into one jar. I also add the date when I purchase the spice. This allows me to toss any outdated spices and replace the ones that I use often.  Now all spices go back on the shelves, organized and clean. Don’t they look nice?

Cookbook Clutter

During the holidays I seem to use a large number of my cookbook collection and often they don’t get returned to the correct location. Has this happened to you also? Take some time to assess your collection and toss the outdated or seldom-used books. I donate unwanted cookbooks to the library. I also deliver these books immediately so I don’t change my mind.

Pantry Clutter

Remove Kitchen Clutter
A decluttered, hard-working pantry

I empty my pantry at least twice a year. How often do you attack your pantry? Clean all the packages, toss outdated food and organize the pantry. I am always amazed at my duplications. Again I date the products at the time of purchase which allows me to better access duplications and unused items.  I also try to focus on using up the pantry food before adding any additional food. I love an empty pantry as it allows me to get creative as I replenish the shelves. 

Enough For Today

Yes, there is more to do but you are off to a good start and inspired to get back and do more.  You have canceled the realtor and are ready to once again enjoy your home. Best of all you have taken back control of your kitchen. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that your kitchen is under control, do you feel that you need more space or storage in the kitchen or a better workflow? Ruth Chafin Interior Design has been delighting clients for many years as a kitchen and bath designer. She is also a general contractor providing creative and effective solutions to these questions.

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