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Home Mini-Business Center In Minimal Space

Home Mini-Business Center

Ruth Chafin Interior Design created a small but very useful home mini-business center in minimal space. She used a corner of the living room of a recent residential project.
Why a home mini-business center? It provides an expansion to a dedicated home office. And, requires very little additional space. So, place the mini-office within the home office or another room of the residence.

Mini-business center is adjacent to conference/living room


C power side tables are attractive and sturdy. And, they provide a compact work surface. Also, they feature power outlets for both 120 volts and USB charging. Therefore, C-tables support virtually any portable IT device currently in use. Finally, floor receptacles eliminate clutter.
These tables use a living room swivel chair to serve both the home business center workspace and living area. They rotate 180 degrees to work comfortably, or swing to conveniently confer with visitors. Swiveling drum chairs are a brilliant solution.


Wi-Fi or Bluetooth supports printing documents from this home business center. This connects to a compatible printer located in the primary home office of the residence. So, the mini-business center requires no additional space.
Additional home business center storage may be desired. So, select storage to harmonize with existing furniture.
This home business center in minimal space was the result of professional creativity by Ruth Chafin Interior Design.  And it efficiently solves a need for additional or occasional business workspace. Put Ruth Chafin Interior Design to work for you for your unique or challenging situations!

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