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2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

As 2015 winds down and we get ready to tack a new calendar to the wall, I hope this note finds you healthy, happy and not too many pounds heaver than you were at the end of Summer!
Boy, this has been a busy year for Ruth Chafin Interior Design. We completed several wonderful projects, took a trip to Las Vegas and re-launched our online furniture store.

3D Sketch-up rendering of Mexican Consolate

In January, we started the year by completing the re-design and remodeling of the Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino. By replacing the typical drywall room and office dividers with glass walls, were able to achieve a signicant increase in the building’s overall sense of openness. This project showcased our computer-aided drafting and space planning expertise. Prior to any construction activities, we presented our clients with 3D renderings, which allowed them to visualize the finished product and better inform their decision-making process. We are quite pleased with the finished results.
An evening with Chef Jerry

chef-jerry-ruth-chafin-interior-design05In April, I collaborated with Executive Chef Gerald Eggar, aka Chef Jerry, to host a unique cooking experience in her home. Using my kitchen and dining area, Chef Jerry prepared a full-course meal for eight using ingredients sourced solely from local Inland Empire farms. In a setting that resembles a television cooking show, Chef Jerry prepared the meal in front of the guests, while educating them about the farms from which each ingredient came and giving tips and technique pointers for their preparation. This event was a bit of a trial run, but it was a tremendous success, so Chef Jerry and I are definitely planning future collaborations. Watch this space for more information!
wood grain tile Highland
Highland Rustic

Redlands Contemporary

As we mentioned at the top, 2015 was a year of many wonderful projects. In addition to Mexican Consulate, mentioned above, our residential interior design and remodeling clients had us traveling all over the Inland Empire! We are particularly pleased with two kitchen remodeling projects we completed in 2015, one in Highland and one in Redlands. One was designed with a contemporary aesthetic and one with a more traditional one, but each one incorporated unique lighting options that we think turned out incredibly beautiful.
Timelessly Designed Furniture

In August, after nearly a year of re-design work, we re-launched our online furniture and accessories store, Timelessly Designed Furniture. Shortly thereafter, we headed to the desert for our semi-annual trip to the Las Vegas World Market. This trip was dedicated solely to sourcing products for the online store. And boy did we come up with some great stuff! Our site features beautiful modern and contemporary brands such as Euro Style and Modway as well as “timeless” traditional brands like Butler Specialty and the Crestview Collection. Please check us out!
Tragedy visits San Bernardino

Sadly, in early December 2015, tragedy visited my hometown of San Bernardino. While we won’t rehash the details here (turn on the news for five minutes and you’ll be up to speed in no time), we were amazed at our community’s resillience in the face of this tragedy. San Bernardino showed its true colors this year. I am proud of the San Bernardino community that raised me, as well as the continued support that the communities of the Inland Empire have given her over the years, without which there would be no Ruth Chafin Interior Design.
So, we’re on our way to 2016! More fun projects! More adventures! More opportunities to connect with clients, new and old, and continue our mission of expanding our community by providing excellent professional interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling services.
We’re looking forward to 2016. We hope you are too.