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8 Tips To Create A Bedroom Accent Wall

Bedroom accent wallHere is a very good article I found this morning on LoveToKNow regarding accent walls for bedrooms. Initial comments by the article’s author, Michelle Radcliff, follow:

“Update the look in your bedroom by adding an accent wall. An accent wall provides an outlet for bold colors, patterns and textures on wall space without overwhelming the room. It’s also one of the easiest ways to brighten or enhance the space without having to paint the entire room.”

The article then discusses these topics:

    1. Choosing the right wall
    2. Color choice
    3. Fabric or fabric panels
    4. Wood, stone, or brick veneers
    5. Faux texturing
    6. Wall decals and stenciling
    7. Bedroom type
    8. The final touch

Check out the entire article, and its beautiful photographs by clicking the article’s title below:
Accent Walls for Bedrooms | LoveToKnow