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5 Ways To Layout Your Living Room Based On Functionality

From “the furnished UP” blog, I found a Living Room Layout Guide [Infographic] that displays 5 different ways to layout your living room based entirely on how YOU use the room. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

“It isn’t called a “living” room for nothing. It’s the space where you’re expected to receive and entertain guests, unwind after a long day, and generally feel alive around people. A lot of your home life depends on how you arrange the furniture and other elements in your living room. If it’s cluttered and too busy, you won’t be able to relax. If it’s too bare-bones minimal, it will lack warmth and charm.

While it’s tempting to copy the look of an inspiring home magazine or blog feature down to the last detail, it’s always good to remember that your living space is unique and can only be defined by yourself. There are ways to design your living room according to your lifestyle and personal preferences while making it functional. Always take your furniture pieces and other decor into consideration. Not everyone can afford to start on a clean slate to re-design their living room space, so take stock of what you have and work with them. First, provide a focal point. It could be an entertainment system, a piece of art you love, or a shelf filled with your collection of books, toys, or travel souvenirs. You can highlight it by orienting your major living room pieces such as the sofa and arm chairs so that they are facing the focal point.
Then create visual balance with your other living room pieces. A tall armoire or book case can be balanced out with a floor lamp on opposite sides of the room. You can forego symmetry if your living room area isn’t too big, but always strive for a cohesive look when arranging your furniture. For instance, if your major furniture pieces are heavy and solid, mix up the layout with some lightweight touches such as soft throw rugs and pillows.”

Here is the inforgraphic:
To read the entire article, click on it’s title below:
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