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A Home with Timeless Design

Renovated Historic HouseA great design is timeless.  I saw this article this morning on Fresh Home about a recently renovated home in Connecticut.  Developed in 1945 by architect John Lincoln, this recently renovated historic house is still beautiful, after surviving for 69 years.  Here is an excerpt from the article:
“Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence is evident in Lincoln’s use of stone, corner windows and a flat roof. Due to the nature of the materials and construction methods used on the original building, the design process was akin to an archaeological investigation, revealing the home’s unique details, and incorporating its materials and methods into a new design“.
To read the entire articles, and to see additional photographs (all photos by David Sundbeg | Esto), click the article’s title below:
Renovated Historic House With Appealing Design Features in Connecticut  |  Fresh Home