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Redefining Bathroom Design

Kub BasinWhen we work with bathrooms, we deal with a ceiling, 4 walls, flooring, faucets, a bathtub and/or shower, sinks, coverings, storage and so on. From all these pieces, there a many many many variants, and seldom does a piece come along that threatens to redefine the whole look. Here is a piece I found today at Fresh Home that does just that: a simple minimalistic bathroom sink that we can design a whole bathroom around. With wall mounted faucets, hidden drains, the look is both simple and luxuriant. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Unlike other sleek bathroom sinks we published on Freshome, this project takes away anything that might be considered an excess. Yet, it adds an elegant carrara marble stone, employed to enhance the product’s visual appeal. An interesting junction of geometric shapes occurs, which seems to be the basis of the design concept. Kub Basin comes with faucets and fittings, their subtle presence being a perfect match for the glass sink. The project is also available in a highly intriguing version for two. The carrara stone can be cleverly used as storage space, blending its aesthetics with a high dose of function.”

To read the entire article, and see more photos, click on the title below:
Minimalist Bathroom Sink With an Almost Surreal Appearance: Kub Basin | Fresh Home