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Making The Most Of Your Available Living Space

architecture-house-f house-f-4Here is a great example of making the most of your available living space.  In this article from, Architect Kenhi Ido maximized the functionality of a very small and narrow home.  Here is an excerpt from the article:
“The house was especially envisioned for a couple in an urban narrow site, neighbored by a mixed-use area where small houses, small factories, and small office buildings coexist. The clients requested a garden in the south side of the site and decided to make a three-level building overlooking the green spaces. They aimed at a quiet, comfortable space, with plenty of natural lighting and a certain feeling of security.  The minimalist Japanese design approach can be observed throughout the interiors of this Osaka home. With walls painted in white, a feeling of space was subtly achieved. The wooden stairway, shelves and doors add a warm touch. It is truly inspiring to see how the architect managed to transform a 53 square meter surface into a perfect home for two.”
Simply put, “less” can be “more”.  With creative design, even a small living space, such as the one represented in this home, can accommodate the lifestyles of most families.
To see the entire article and all its photos, click on the article’s name below:
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