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Two drawer dishwasher by Fisher and Paykel: First look

Fisher & Paykel Two Drawer DishDrawer™
Fisher & Paykel Two Drawer DishDrawer™

My loyal dishwasher, over 25 years old, drew its final wash cycle recently. Finally gave up the ghost and said, “no more for washes for you, Sweetheart!” As I pondered the many years of loyal service it had given me, it kind of felt like I lost a friend. How may parties, family gatherings and holidays had this appliance dutifully accepted the soiled dishes of? Ah, the memories… Until recently, I had been observing the time-honored mourning ritual of hand-washing my dishes for the customary period of six months to show proper respect for the years of service this appliance had given me. Also, I couldn’t afford a new one yet.
During this customary grieving period, I began researching a replacement dishwasher. After much consideration, I decided upon Fisher & Paykel’s innovative DishDrawer™ stainless steel two drawer dishwasher, a space efficient dishwasher in a drawer – two drawers! Boy I have to say, I loved my old dishwasher but I think I just purchased the dishwasher of my dreams. Fisher & Pakel are leaders in their industry; I have followed their products for years. Even so, could not fully grasp the features this  two drawer dishwasher had to offer until I actually began to use them.
I’ve had a week to get to know this appliance and although I’m still learning about all that it can do, I thought I’d provide an overview of the benefits of this unit.

Two drawer dishwasher: Two dishwashers in one

Fisher and Paykel Double DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher independent drawers
Independent Drawers

As the model name indicates, this dishwasher features two drawers. Each drawer is its own washing unit that runs independently with its own wash cycle. The top drawer is extra deep for pots and pans or large serving plates and the bottom drawer is shallower to accommodate your plates, glasses and stemware. I enjoy entertaining guests in my home so I was drawn by the extra capacity that the top deep drawer provides. I also really appreciate the ability to run a smaller load of dishes in the bottom drawer, which also allows me to save on water consumption. And of course, on the occasions that I’ve needed both drawers, I have appreciated the ability to run both drawers at the same time.
One thing I was pleasantly surprised to discover was how quiet the two drawer dishwasher is. I was able run both drawers simultaneously and enjoy conversations with dinner guests all in the same room. Very nice! Even though the  two drawer dishwasher is very quiet, I also appreciate that this machine has a timer. This enables me to load up an evening’s dishes right after dinner but set the timer to run later in the evening, after the guests have gone.

Nine wash options for comprehensive washing

Fisher and Paykel Double DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher nine wash options
Nine Wash Options

The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher features nine wash programs tailored to different washing requirements, ranging from “Fast Eco” to “Heavy,” enabling me to wash everything from fine glass and crystal to the most heavily soiled pots and pans. Primary and secondary controls provide a simple interface for program selection. I’ve only had this unit a week and I’m still learning all that the DishDrawer™ can do. In another week, I’m sure I’ll be able to use them with ease and confidence.

Adjustable Racking

Fisher and Paykel Double DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher adjustable racking
Adjustable Racking

Let’s look at the interior of the two drawer dishwasher. All the racks and support devices in the DishDrawer™ are flexible and adjustable for different wash requirements. Notice the knife support? The flexible cutlery basket can be customized for different utensils and incorporates a separate small item container for those random loose ends. This keeps the knives separate from the silverware and really sterilizes the blade. I also appreciate how the cutlery basket separates all the silverware so they do not touch. There is also a compartment to place small objects so they don’t get lost at the bottom of the drawer. The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer™ two drawer dish washer is the first dishwasher I have ever bought that all my dishes truly fit into. I am amazed at how efficiently I am able to load my dishes and how the volume of the load has increased.

Elegant display and child safe

Fisher and Paykel Double DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher back-lit notifications
Back-lit notifications

The display readout on the DishDrawer™  two drawer  dishwasher has a clean design, is back lit and easy to read. It displays the current wash cycle and how many more minutes are left before the cycle is complete. Both drawers also have a rear display, which is handy, as it enables me to estimate the time for both my dishes in the top drawer and my and pans in the bottom drawer. The DishDrawer™ two drawer dishwasher also incorporates a child lock on each drawer that prevents its opening during the wash cycle. The child lock also disables the buttons for the duration of the wash cycle so that it won’t get interrupted by curious little fingers.

Give me more dirty dishes!

While it might be disconcerting when a trusty appliance dies, like many things in life, once the grieving process ends, we often find that our outlook has acquired a certain clarity. For me, this clarity came in the form of lots of extra features and advantages that have truly made my life easier! The drawer form factor alone is a revolution in appliance design, add to that the nine wash options, adjustable racking and the digital controls and I’m ready to do a whole banquet’s worth of soiled platters, pots and pans. Give me more dirty dishes!