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Kitchen Remodels: Amenities To Delete and Stay on Budget

bookman04You can still have your dream kitchen, and stay on budget.  Here are some amenities you can leave out of your kitchen remodel.:

What To Do?
Confused about what to cut from you kitchen remodel budget?

Pasta spigots over the cook top. This amenity requires the cost of another faucet plus the cost of the additional rerouting of the plumbing lines. It is not so hard to carry the pot to the stove if savings are needed.
A second dishwasher. This requires an electrical circuit for that extra appliance. The electrical labor is usually one of the pricier trades, so costs can be cut in this area. If you have a large party there will still be loads of dishes that will be need washing by hand. Consider a double drawer dishwasher as a good value decision.
Warming Drawers. Weigh the cost of the appliance plus the electrical circuit that will be needed against the need for more cabinetry. If you do a lot of entertaining then it will be well worth the expense. If your family eats at odd and varied times of the evening, then it is probably a great appliance for your lifestyle. Consider a warming drawer that is also a slow cooking oven. You will get a lot of value for your space allotment.
A double oven. If you purchase a micro/convection and a standard oven/ convection, you will have a lot of flexibility in cooking for large gatherings. Weigh the need for the once a year event with the total cost combining electrical needs and appliance costs.