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Lighting Reflections are a Magical Charm when using Crystal Fixtures

Examples of Lighting Treatments
Examples of Lighting Treatments

Lighting up your life and home is a critical part of design. There are eight components that must be considered in lighting, and with each unit of light: placement, fixture, energy consumption, electrical source, foot candles, bulb, switching, and the finished reflection.  As seen from the photos above, when using fine crystal fixtures, the reflective quality is truly magical.

Lighting becomes the eloquent finishing touch to a design and/or remodeling project. Again from the photos, notice the fine detail in the fixture.  The crystals are layered, beveled and carefully woven together with gold wire to create the structure and form of this fixture. Observe the reflective pattern of the different crystals as they create their pattern on the ceiling. This reflective pattern uniquely changes with each dimming setting. The real bonus is the galaxy of reflections when all 3 zones of light are in use.

Lighting will set the perfect atmosphere for every occasion to “Light to Your Life”, and let the reflective pattern from the light give your room an elegant ambience.

Do you have any lighting challenges that you need some help solving? I will be happy to help.

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