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Computer Scooter: A Secret to Home Office Ease

Computer Scooter

When addressing the home office situation we embrace a new set of complex issues.

  • Separation between family and work
  • Space
  • Enjoyment of home environment
  • Flexibility and focus
  • Multitasking with equipment and locations

A few years ago these issues were not even considered as our norm was going to the office to earn a living. Times changed and we adapted. Voila, many people down sized and continued employment from their home. There were many benefits that were received by both employers and employees.. All parties made adjustments to expectations and procedures of business practices. Families adjusted to these changes as well. Space had to be adjusted too.

 As I work more and more from home, my laptop computer has become a lifesaver for me. It allows me the flexibility to enjoy my beautiful back yard while continuing my work; park in the family room and be a part of the supervision of kids and their friends; and settle into the kitchen and multitask between cooking activities and my productive time. Adding to the effectiveness of my laptop was my Computer Scooter, – a compact, rolling mobile desk. I am limited only to where I need to plug in my extension cord. I can surf the net, write documents, create spreadsheets, and print from the devices on the “Computer Scooter”. The portability is tremendous and the ease is flawless. I can enjoy the best of all worlds. I have worked my entire life so for the first time I am able to enjoy the pleasure of my home with comfort and ease.

 If you are interested in purchasing a Computer Scooter, let us know and we can get it shipped out to your home today.  The assembly is easy. I did it in a short time because the directions were very clear. Want to find out more, email us at:, or call us at 855-339-9889.