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An Elegant and Simple Shower Upgrade

Pulse Shower head
Shower Head using existing plumbing

Last week, Larry and I attended the National Retail Hardware Show in Las Vegas, where we spent several days at the Convention Center combing the aisles looking for the latest, greatest, and best designed products for your home.  This was a great show, and we struck gold.  We came back with a car load of catalogs and product ideas for use in our designs, our online store, and for YOU.  Though we have many articles to write about what we saw at the show, I couldn’t wait to show you this amazing shower upgrade.  This device comes in numerous styles and configurations of spray nozzles and over head showers and water falls.  The amazing thing about this shower upgrade is that it attaches to your existing shower plumbing, – no new pipes to add and no construction!  This is a shower upgrade that can be done with a few basic hand tools.  Wow!!!

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