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Fun In the Warm California Sun: Garden Shower

Garden Shower
Step aboard

I recently came across the Garden Shower, and fell in love with it.  As a child, we had either a lawn hose or an inflatable wading pool to help chase away the hot weather.  The Garden Shower is a 21st century solution for a great way to cool off outside.

Simply attach a lawn hose to the Garden Shower, and turn the on the water. No tools required. As you step on the platform, water will begin to stream vertically from two rows of twenty-two water-jets. While on the platform, you can adjust the water pressure by turning a small rotating valve with your foot. A practical and fun device for the entire family.  Chase that summer heat away.

Garden Shower
22 vertical jets of water to cool you down

For more information on the Garden Shower, check it out on this website in our online store.