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Creating Your Productive Space

Creating your productive space is a very critical process for those who depend on their creativity for their livelihood. In fact, the creation of productive space should be a critical element to all employers too, as the productivity of their employees has a direct effect on the “bottom line”.
This journey started in 2010 when we downsized my 6000 ft showroom into a smaller location in San Bernardino, and closer to home. As you can imagine, a lot of “stuff” also was absorbed into my house, including the use of my kitchen as an additional office space. At first, I felt my personnel space had been intruded upon, but I eventually became adjusted to this new situation.  Thankfully, when I recently relocated to Redlands, most of the “Stuff” that was absorbed from the downsizing also relocated to the showroom. There was such a joy to create the new showroom and also get my home, my space, and my life back. Although…….?

My Creative Space

The Redlands location allowed my home to de-clutter, as the sample/product inventory is now back in their proper places, – my new showroom. I was able to move my computer work back into my home-office room and leave the kitchen clear of my computer, …but I found that I really enjoyed the productive space I had created in the kitchen, and the home-office room could not provide me the same environment that my kitchen corner had provided.
Decorated Window Sill
Window Sill By My Creative Space

In creating my productive space, I have utilized the window sill for my flowers, candles, and inspirational motivation.  I use the Pandora Radio station on my computer to play Mindful music in the background.  An additional 21-inch monitor is now attached to my laptop so two programs running at the same time are more easily viewed and manipulated.  My chair is a piano stool that gives me the ability to work in multiple directions. My computer is on a “scooter unit” that swivels, adjusts and has additional room for my scanner and USB hub. My coffee is brewing, and my phone is still “ever” by my side, plus there is still room for the family and grand kids to gather around the kitchen table.
I love getting up and working in this incredible productive space. So why did I think I ever needed to leave it?  I don’t think I could now.
I had to learn new habits. I could not allow the clutter of my work space to impact my living space. I had to learn better focus so my home environment did not interrupt my creative process. I had to learn how to separate home and work, even though they were both in the same room. Change opens new doors of learning and improves old habits that need attention. Change is good.
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