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Carry your inside Accent Colors to your Landscaping

Ever changing Japenese MapleExterior accent colors need to be blended with the interiors of your home. People often do not realize that foliage has the same warm and cool undertones as do colors of paint, fabric, wallpaper and or hard surfaces.

Some examples of exterior accent colors:

  • The green of a Pine tree has cool undertones or blue undertones.
  • The green of an Oak tree has an olive tone with warm or yellow undertones of color.
  • The green of the Japanese maple is another example of the yellow under tone. You can actually see the line yellow in the leaves.

Consider how your wall color will transition through your windows or slider to the outside landscaping and decor.  Extend your interior accent color and its compliments to your exterior floral and foliage. To make your fragrant interior bouquets:  You can clip the foliage from your scrubs and trees to add a backdrop to the florals you have already clipped from the yard.

Japanese MapleAs I share with you my ever changing Japanese maple tree that is presently coming into foliage. Notice how it softly blends with the roses. Each floral element has an independent charm, yet they become a true compliment to each because they share the space and blend their beauty to become one landscape detail. You may have guessed that red is the accent color in my home. I even have a warm, deep, burnt red carpet in my kitchen and family room. I have never tired of that color because it is part of my personal color pallet.

Always remember to decorate with accent colors that make you glow from the inside out.

What accent colors make you glow?  Don’t know?  I am happy to help.

Call me for an appointment.     — Ruth