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An Abundance of Roses – (Floral Tip)

Floral tip for the day:

Big RoseIt is very in important to coordinate your floral landscaping colors with the interior of your home. When you gaze outside and soak up the energy from the sunshine and nature, your floral colors and detail need to compliment the schematics of the interior. If your accent color is red then red flowers threaded though your yard will expand your interior to the exterior and enlarge the dimension and size of your rooms to include the yard and landscaping.

Guess what is the secondary color is in my home? You are right RED. As my roses bloom and I cut to arrange my floral for the interior of my home, the red floral color illuminates the existing décor with a magic and charm. I love using the tiny lights that are emerisable in water. The twinkle from the tiny emerisable lights seems like radiant like dew drops glistened with sun light. You may have noticed, I am a nature lover and always join the energies of the earth and God’s creations into my designing.

At this time of the year with taxes due soon we are not feeling the rewards of abundance.

Rose GardenRemember Abundance has many faces: Abundance of love, Abundance of friends and family but at this time of year we are not seeing the abundance of income.

So since I am blessed with an abundance of roses, please stop by my house and help yourself to a fresh cut bouquet of roses. I have an abundance of roses and I would love to share them with you.