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October is an exciting time for designers!

October is the beginning of the New Season for the Furniture, Accessories and Design industries. This is when manufacturers gear up to showcase products from their newest lines. Creativity is expressed to its fullest during this time and only the finest designers are showcased.
I worked for several years designing showroom floor plans and providing fabric selections for a furniture manufacturer and I can attest that there is a lot of work that must go into opening the fall season. Furniture must be shipped to their showrooms and walls need to be re-worked, moved and repainted. Opening day is harried, as the final deadline arrives and last minute details must be taken care of. Therefore, as an independent designer, I have an insider’s respect for all the effort being put forth this time of year. However, as a designer, this time of year is also very exciting as I eagerly anticipate the fall arrivals.
Independent designers are generally two-to-three years ahead of retailers in terms of design trends and styles. An independent designer will have access to a wide range of manufacturers and products, whereas most retailers can only offer their customers a limited number of lines. This is because independent designers focus on the *design*, on implementing your dream by applying their creativity to as broad a range of choices as possible. With a designer, the answer to questions regarding modifications or customizations is generally, “yes.” Designers view such questions as integral to the design process. Most retailers, on the other hand, are mainly concerned with volume and moving products off the shelves and out of the warehouses, and because of this, offer few if any options for customization. As a designer, I learned early on that the words “no” or “we can’t” will not get you very far in this industry.
This is a very exciting time of year in the design industry! I will continue to showcase some of the things I am excited about here on this blog. I hope to encourage you to look at your environment with fresh eyes and start developing new ideas for your home.