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Bendheim Architectural Glass in the “Whites” of 2016

With all the “whitesannounced for the “color of the year” for 2016, Bendheim, manufacturer of architectural glass, recently introduced a new collection of delicate off-white back-painted architectural glass. Applications include floor-to-ceiling wall cladding, grout-free backsplashes, counter- and table-tops.
Bendheim’s proprietary manufacturing process bakes color coatings right into the glass, resulting in an exceptionally durable product that is 100% VOC-free. A combination of proprietary color formulations and processes achieves the fine tonal shifts necessary for color matching — especially for this refined new collection of white and off-white shades.

As an interior element, the beauty of color coated glass makes an elegant, sophisticated statement.

— Donald Jayson, Co-owner and vice President of Bendheim


Bendheim Introduces Architectural Glass in Sought-After Off-White Color Palette for 2016 | Bendheim