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Juniper wood grain tile by Eleganza

Eleganza just released Juniper Wood, its new series of wood grain tile, and it is gorgeous. Italian made and utilizing HD Inkjet technology, these porcelain tiles are made for durability both indoors and out.

HD Inkjet technology

Wood grain tile has gained in popularity in recent years with the advent of an HD Inkjet printing technique developed by image technology company Durst. While experimenting with different surfaces, Durst discovered they could successfully print over porcelain tile surfaces utilizing a combination of four colors — cyan, magenta, yellow and black, abbreviated as CMYK.
CMYK can be combined to create virtually any color and allows for intricate designs and beautiful patterns to be embedded onto the surface of a tile. Computer generated images can now be incorporated into the tile manufacture production line, enabling the production of stunningly gorgeous coloration onto the surface of a tile.

wood grain tile is a top design trend

Wood grain tile is beautiful on the floor or on  the wall. It is unique in that it combines the traditional feeling of a wood floor with the durability of a ceramic tile. It is excellent for use in high traffic areas such as a kitchen or hallway.
The Eleganza Juniper Wood series is a new line, so I’ve only recently begun to carry it. However, I have installed wood grain tile in several recent projects, notably in Redlands and in Highland, that turned out beautifully. This trend is definitely on the rise.

wood grain tile Redlands
Wood grain tile in a Redlands parlour

wood grain tile Highland
Wood grain tile in a Highland kitchen

introducing Juniper Wood

wood grain tile Eleganza
wood grain tile Juniper WoodThe Italian made Juniper Wood series features an attractive traditional wood appearance fused with modern corduroy vertical texture that enhances the feeling of richly grained wood tile. The tile is reminiscent of juniper wood tones while maintaining the durability and long-lasting benefits of porcelain tiles.
Juniper Wood is available with a matte finish in a single color, Wenge, in a 12×44 inch size. It is suitable for both floor and wall applications in indoor and outdoor areas.

Considering my success with other wood grain tile installations, I am definitely looking forward to incorporating the Eleganza Juniper Wood series into my design projects. Have you used a wood grain tile in your recent remodeling project? How do you like it? Please let us know in the comments.
Is wood grain tile a design element you are interested in incorporating into your next remodeling or interior design project? I’d love to help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Let’s get started!