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How to get the modern millennial look

There’s an interesting article in online design and architecture magazine freshome that explores the way modern millennials (up-and-coming home buyers) are beginning to drastically shape home design trends. “Why millennials are moving home design trends”  explains that millennials have a unique perspective on life and how it should be lived, and that this outlook is shaping the way homes are being designed and built.

Modern millennial lifestyle

modern millennial
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The article references a University of Michigan study, Monitoring the Future, which tracks various values among different generations. The current study showed a 75% increase among millennials favoring the statement “wealth is a very important life attribute.”
One industry insider agrees with this finding . These days, the money is in tech. And “tech” is typically located near urbanized environments such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. As the millennial generation flocks to well-paying high-tech jobs in cosmopolitan areas, their lifestyles will reflect their gaining wealth.

How to get the modern millennial look

modern millennial
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Realtor Magazine notes the following attributes that top the list of what a millennial wants in a home:
  • A smaller, functional home is preferred over a sprawling ‘Mcmansion.’
  • No ‘cookie-cutter’ homes; they value originality and uniqueness.
  • They prefer DIY, and desire original, personal homes which reflect who they are (and they are willing to buy fixer-uppers).
  • 59% of those surveyed said they would prefer space for a TV in the kitchen over a second oven.
  • 77% say they want a home with technological innovations and would love to brag about smart automation instead of a kitchen upgrade.

Essentially, they don’t want a home like their parents.

What does this mean for the rest of us?

This urban or millennial trend will eventually filter and spread to the majority. The article notes that a lot of these urbane millennial buyers are “thought leaders.” Eventually, their housing preferences will filter down to a greater marketplace. Over time, contemporary aspects will filter outward to more suburbanized areas, thus embedding them into the general built environment. To the extent that ‘Mcmansions’ are disdained and DIY is encouraged, this could have a positive impact both home design and land use patterns.
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