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4 interior design flow improvement tips

Often, our dissatisfaction with our home environment can stem directly from poor design flow. Improving your design flow can refresh and reinvigorate a space tremendously. Here are four time-tested tips you can use to improve the flow of your interior design.

Create a focal point

A focal point enhances the feel of a room by giving the eye somewhere to settle, relaxing the mind. In a living room, this can be a fireplace. In a kitchen, this can be a counter-top extension or an “island.” The flow of the room will then center around the focal point, providing a comfortable experience that feels like home.

design flow
Transitional Living Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Terrat Elms Interior Design

Use mirrors

This “trick” has been around a while. This is because it works. A mirror will make a room feel bigger and increase the amount of light in a room. Great for small spaces! They also function as wall-art, thus you can get creative with different shapes and frames that really match your space.

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Traditional Dining Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

Clear the entries and hallways

De-cluttering is a passion of mine, generally, but this is especially true for crucial passage ways. Cluttered entrances and passages can impede the flow and energy through a house and undermine its design and feel.

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Eclectic Entry by Roswell Interior Designers & Decorators Julie Holloway

Add a rug

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to freshen up a room and improve its design flow is with a new rug. A rug under a sofa and coffee table can help to define the seating arrangement by framing it within the space. Humans naturally recognize boundaries and a rug can provide that separation. A rug can also enhance a room’s theme by adding to its color palette.

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Contemporary Family Room by Brisbane Interior Designers & Decorators Highgate House

Mix and Match!

Combine these tips for various outcomes. Maybe use one of our earlier suggestions to create an accent wall. Be sure to incorporate our furniture arranging rules to live by . What other tips would you add? Let us know in the comments!