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3 benefits of hiring a full service interior design firm

A home remodeling project is chaotic and disruptive. Minimizing the chaos can seem like an exercise in futility, especially if you decide to go it alone. You can significantly reduce this chaos by hiring a full-service interior design and remodeling firm.
Consider the following three benefits of hiring a full service design firm for your next new construction or home remodeling project.

1) Comprehensive, streamlined interior design services

Oven, back, no hanging lighting
Oven, back, no hanging lighting

A client who purchased an older home recently came to me. They wanted to do some fairly extensive remodeling upgrades: complete kitchen remodel, master bedroom and bath remodel and living/family room remodel, home entertainment center and stereo equipment upgrade. They first tried to piece their project together by working with: a kitchen designer, a bathroom designer, an appliance showroom, a lighting store and a furniture store. Additionally, this client was a young family with two small children. Adding the chaos of the remodel, plus the burden of coordination among the trades to the needs of two small children was making their lives nightmare! They came to us looking for help.
As a full service interior design firm, Ruth Chafin Interior Design was able to provide some significant order to their project. We took over the interior design, project management and general contracting services for this project, providing the client with a single point of contact. As an interior designer with over 30 years’ experience in the field of home improvement and general contracting, I have nurtured relationships with all trades necessary for the successful completion of a home remodeling and interior design project. Our single full service interior design firm was able to replace a kitchen designer, a bathroom designer, a lighting contractor, an appliance showroom and a furniture store, which removed a tremendous burden from my clients and provided added value to their overall project.

2) A streamlined process is more cost effective

full service interior design firmIn addition to reducing the chaos of a remodeling project, the streamlined process that a full service interior design firm provides will save you money. Working with a single designer who has excellent vendor relationships will create an “economy of scale” which will reduce the overall cost of the project.
Our new client was elated that our long-term vendor relationships enabled us to provide them with significant savings on the overall cost of their remodeling project compared to what they were originally quoted.

3) A unified vision with a consistent aesthetic from room to room

full service interior design firmMy clients found that working with multiple designers was resulting in a disjointed overall design. The kitchen designer had their vision, the bathroom designer had their vision, and the appliance salesman simply wanted to sell them a product. This not only added to the chaos but multiplied it.
When Ruth Chafin Interior Design took the project over, we worked with our client to replaced these multiple design concepts with a single unified vision that best represented their desires and values. This added tremendous value to my clients and their overall project.

A service-based firm with design-oriented problem-solvers

Ruth Chafin Interior Design is a service-based firm run by design-oriented problem-solvers. In an era of big-box super-stores and “do it yourself” pragmatism, we don’t fault friends for going it alone on their first attempt. Over the years, however, our clients have found a tremendous value in the additional sanity that our full-service treatment can provide.
We attend several trade shows per year in order stay up on trends and are in continuous contact with our vendor representatives to ensure we have samples of their latest products to show our clients. Thus, weather your tastes lean toward the traditional style or your pulse quickens at the sight of sleek modern design, we are constantly able to provide our clients with the broadest spectrum of choices available.
We also specialize in aging in place and Universal Design so that our interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling projects can benefit multiple generations of users.
Learn from the experiences of my recent clients. When you are considering any scale of construction and remodeling project, ease the pain that often accompanies growth by hiring a full service interior design firm.
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