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An evening with Chef Jerry

A new collaboration

Do you like to cook? Do you like knowing where your food comes from? Are you interested in learning new techniques? Read on.
Last Saturday, I had the most wonderful beginning of a new collaboration I have undertaken with Loma Linda executive chef, restaurant consultant and culinary instructor Gerald Eggar, aka Chef Jerry. Using my kitchen and dining area, Chef Jerry educated, prepared and presented a group of eight people with a full course meal, beginning with the appetizer and ending with desert.

Michelin star home cooking

Chef Jerry travels all over Southern California, talking with and learning from small family farmers whose products largely serve a local market. He then incorporates their products and the knowledge he gains into an intimate culinary experience that is equal parts educational, entertaining and delicious. The ingredients for our evening’s meal included cactus (nopal), purple and white heirloom carrots, and fingerling potatoes from local Inland Empire farms.

Chef Jerry discusses knife technique.
Chef Jerry discusses knife technique.

In the course of the meal’s preparation, Chef Jerry discussed each ingredient and explained why he paired certain ingredients and the flavor profile that they create (cactus and bay scallops?). He also discusses his food preparation techniques and I, for one, learned some great knife handling skills that I can’t wait to practice more.
Chef Jerry discussing plating techniques
Chef Jerry discussing plating techniques at our table

The “lesson” ended when we finished eating but Chef Jerry was gracious enough to stay to answer questions until the last guest left at 1 am! Everyone walked away from the evening stuffed — in both the literal and figurative sense. Learning about locally sourced produce, being introduced to new preparation techniques and eating beautiful food made from wholesome ingredients is my idea of a good time!

The Menu



  • Cactus and Bay Scallop Ceviche
  • Chilled Dou of Watermelons Encrusted with Sesame Seeds
  • Grilled Mediterranean Zucchini Cups stuffed with Sweet Potato Risotto and Pomegranate Jewels

Main Course

  • English Pea soup with Homemade Crème Fraiche
  • Heirloom Carrot slaw with Toasted Almonds
  • Roasted Chicken Breaste with Bi-colored Beet reduction, Accompanied by Mushroom and Swiss Chard Ragout and Roasted Potatoes


  • Faux Poke of Grapefruit

Book your own class with Chef Jerry!

chef-jerry-ruth-chafin-interior-design01As I said at the top, this is a new collaboration between Chef Jerry and me.
If you have a group of friends or are a member of an organization who are looking for a fun and enriching activity to participate in together, book a cooking class with Chef Jerry at my home! We’d like to keep it intimate, so groups of 10 or fewer work best; although, we’re willing to make accommodations for larger groups if you talk to us in advance. Come and enjoy a cooking class at Ruthie’s with Chef Jerry, an evening of fellowship, education and nourishment.

Cooking classes with Chef Jerry include the following:

  • locally sourced ingredients and education on their origin
  • cooking lessons and food preparation techniques
  • knife technique
  • plating techniques
  • deliciousness!

If you are interested in booking a class, contact us. In the contact form, select Cooking class with Chef Jerry under the heading What type of project do you have?

The Food

Chef Jerry on Food