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A Look At The Future Of Commuting

We live in California.  Distance is relative:  A “drive” is over an hour away, and “right next door” to us means 20 or 30 minutes.  One thing is for sure, we spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether we are going to school, work, errands, or some sort of recreation.  In this article by Troy Turner, from, we see what may be the hint of the future, a vehicle you can drive yourself, or it can do the driving for you.  Here is an excerpt fro Troy Turner’s article:
AKA24 Concept Car
“A winner of the 2014 Driven/Undriven Michelin Design Challenge, the AKA24 concept goes beyond the brief to design a vehicle that switches between user-control & autonomy; it re-imagines the entire transportation system as we know it. Operating on a maglev-like system of tracks, the vehicle moves to the protected side walls vertically in “undriven” mode & back to the center lane for the user-controlled “driven” mode. Set your destination & kick back in the multi-position cabin or take the wheel to navigate your own way!”
Designers: Chuang Dong, Zhen Qiu, Haowen Deng
Drive …Or Don’t  |  |  Troy Turner