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Ruth Chafin, Founder and President

photo of Ruth Chafin in a setee

Ruth Ann Chafin is the principal founder and president of Ruth Chafin Interior Design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and maintain’s  a General Contractor’s License issued by the California Contractors State Licensing Board. As a licensed general contractor, Ruth brings together a network of subcontractors, artisans, craftsmen and certified interior designers. These diverse resources enable Ruth to serve as a single source for all aspects of remodeling and new construction. From “blueprints to accessories” or anything in between –this makes Ruth Chafin Interior Design truly unique in the interior design business.

Ruth also has a California teaching credential, plus a teaching credential specific for interior design. Influenced by her strong educational background, she is continually looking for new and interesting ways to educate the consumer. She has been well received in the community with her series of seminars on topics that have included, Design and Lifestyles for the year 2000, Remodeling; Kitchen and Bath, Entertaining – Elegant and Easy.
Ruth has been featured in a variety of press outlets, and she currently writes a design column for Inland Empire magazine.
Ruth says,

“I am very fortunate, because I am able to take my knowledge and talents, which are interior design, color, fabric, furniture history, and architectural history, and combine them with my professional interests, which are remodeling and contracting, to pursue my passion, which is really making people happy through designing and remodeling the interiors of their homes or businesses.”